Implant Supported Removable Partial or Complete Tooth Replacement

Imp_sup_upperdent_revisionWhen all or several of your teeth are missing or need to be removed but a conventional partial or complete denture would not provide enough stability, a few implants placed in strategic locations will give you the security that you need.

  1. We will first provide a complete examination which may include x-rays and/or a CAT scan (in our office).
  2. After thorough consultation and treatment planning with your dentist, we will jointly formulate your treatment plan and present it to you. Only after you are comfortable with what has been planned for you will we proceed.
  3. A few implants are placed into strategically planned locations and they are usually all placed in one






Once healing is complete your new (or newly modified existing) partial or complete denture will be connected to the implants providing you with a beautiful and comfortable smile that functions better than a conventional removable prosthesis.